A Ripple of Hope

November 5, 2014 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Ministry Report - Update

A Ripple Of Hope


The recent mid-term election results signal a shift in the spiritual climate of America.  A ripple of hope has spread across America and the world! Can the voice of a free people signal a first step towards a nation-wide repentance? Can the voice of the majority send shock waves around the world? Can the shift in political power bring hope for people of Christian faith and values all around the world?

As we all should know and recognize, the hope that we are to have is never to be placed in man or in any political systems alone, or those who are elected, or otherwise placed in positions of political power over nations and peoples. Our trust is to be squarely upon the God of Abraham, Issac and Jacob. His name is Yahweh, Jehovah God, King of Kings. When God wanted to inspire hope among a nation in decay—- He sent His only begotten and dearly beloved Son to bring healing, hope and supernatural help to the people and the lands. There is a reason for HOPE that you can believe in and His name is Yahshua Ha’Maschiach (Jesus the Messiah) Yet in America and in the world—- another reason for Hope has arisen. The people in the USA have voted. The people have spoken. The people have made a majority decision to turn from the patterns of recent elections. The people of America have turned from recent leaders who the majority believe have most often have not consistently represented the broad and general values of the citizens of America. There is reason for HOPE among the nations as a result of the shift in America. Give Yahweh a great shout of joy because the people of America have taken a step towards nationwide repentance and a turning back to the Elohim Creator God.

Clearly there are things that must come to pass because they are things written in God’s Holy Word and they will come to pass. There are huge battles ahead for many who have been voted into offices in America. There will be a two year period of Executive actions verses Legislative will. Pray for all elected government officials. Always pray for Israel and the peace of Jerusalem. Those who have been empowered into office should never doubt the resolve of the American peoples’ vote who elected them to represent the heart of America at home and to the world. As a nation we are not innocent of many wrongs. As a people we have allowed things to be done in the name of our nation and our peoples that previous generations would have never allowed.

In a recent conversation with a teenager I spoke to him about the state of America and what that looked like to him as a person getting ready to graduate High School. I asked him about his feelings and how he was seeing life in America as he prepares to step out into the world as a young adult. His answer set me back a bit, because truth always cuts deep with two edges. What did he say? How did he respond? Who is he? He is my son… He said, “Its’ your generations fault!” I was amazed, stunned, cautious in responding, but in truth I was convicted in my heart because it was truth. Even if I did not vote to empower certain administrations, I was tolerant by implication for the state of the nation and the world. We all were. Personally I give God thanks for the recent mid-term election results because it marks a ripple of Hope for the next generation including my sons and grandchildren.

Hope has to be more than a campaign slogan. Hope has to be more than a code word to win the hearts and minds of the people. When God wanted to inspire Hope —- God took action to give the most precious resource that He had — in His Son —- who in turn gave His own life on the cruel cross to inspire hope, to rise in power, to rule and to reign at the right hand of Abba. A ripple of HOPE that can become an uncontrollable title wave —- if the people will keep walking in the path of nationwide repentance and nationwide valor to stand for the things that God Himself stands for and to remove power from those things that are not from, or of God, in this nation.

This message is not a political message. This message is not a Democrat, Republican, Independent, Tea Party, Libertarian political rant, but it is a ripple of HOPE message that sees Yahweh smiling upon this nation. It is a message that sees the hand of God coming back over this nation. It is a message to the youth of this nation to stand strong for the things of God always and forever. It it a message that seeks to inspire lights to shine even brighter than they have ever shined before. Let your light shine upon the highest mountains — that the world might see the LIGHT of Christ shining in you from mountaintops, across dark valleys and from sea to shining sea —- all around world we say, “Be resoundingly all that Yahweh created you to be for His glory!” You young person have just been set free to be like Christ for all eternity. Only be brave and courageous, very courageous.

Oh that you would all become LIFE SPEAKERS in Jesus name!

Deuteronomy 31:6   Names of God Bible (NOG)

Be strong and courageous. Don’t tremble! Don’t be afraid of them! Yahweh your Elohim is the one who is going with you. He won’t abandon you or leave you.”



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