Abato Children’s Foundation Uganda Report

December 18, 2014 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ MDC NEWS & WORLD REPORT

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Abato Education Projects:

We have been able to establish the Abato Pre-school and the Abato Junior school on a 2 acre piece of land acquired at the end of 2013. The 8 classrooms at the school are providing quality education to 413 children in the community. The expansion of the school follows the construction of the first 6 classes under the #BricksForASchool campaign which began at the end of 2013.

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In September 2014, we embarked on the Abato Day Care Center Project which has so far been successful and is set to open in 2015. The center will offer services to the community as an extension of our the Abato pre-school. Two building have been erected for this purpose.
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Kingdom Vocational Institute has successfully graduated its first 4 graduates in December 2014. This began as a simple tailoring training center but we hope to expand its capacity in the coming year to offer quality vocational instruction to teenage mothers and widows in the community.

Community Livelihood Projects:

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a). Safe Rain Water Harvesting has been started at the Abato children’s center thanks to a generous grant from Water for Kids UK, a 10,000 liter capacity tank has been fitted to hold water for supply to the community. Consequently we have had enough water for use at both the school and in the community.

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b). Soccer field Project:
We have also been able to establish a soccer field for children in the community thanks to grants from the High Five Club, UK and its partners including Pass It On Soccer. The project is giving a chance to hundreds of children each week to play sports at the facility. We are also using soccer the medium for outreach and communication with the community on various issues.

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Grace Community Bible Church:

The Lord has continued to bless us more this year, we have been able to organize a series of prayer gatherings on a monthly basis which has brought the Church and our community together. “The Miracle Overnight Prayer Meetings” have been hosted at our church since the beginning of 2014 and we have seen the mighty hand of the Lord work through these.
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We were able to also partner with Capturing Courage International Ministries for a week-long conference hosted at Grace Community Bible Church. Pastor Cyndy Lavoie from Canada was there to minister to us at the start of December 2014.

Grace church 3
Construction of the Grace Church complex began in October 2014 as the church membership has grown substantially. We are almost through with the first phase of the project which has been erecting the building shell. We are now tasked with the need to construct a roof on the building and we pray for provision to complete the building before end of the 2014. Your support to us has been a huge blessing and any funds given by supporters through Mission Del Caribe 501(c)(3) to complete the roof project at Grace Community Bible Church would be a huge blessing.

We were blessed to have websites hosted and built at no cost this year via Mission Del Caribe 501(c)(3) and Pastor Jedidiah. The websites are a great asset to our information sharing abilities along with our social media sharing. Our websites are world class and give us a presence in the online communities of the world. Thank you MDC. https://www.abato.org

Spiritual Covering:
Lastly we would like to thank Pastor Jedidiah and Rosemary Gaines for serving as Pastoral Missionaries to the works of Abato.org and Grace Community Bible Church. The blessing of operating under a Spiritual Covering is a huge blessing for us. We are blessed to be able to consult, to share ideas and concepts and to receive and to give spiritual guidance and encouragement. Our special thanks as well go out to brother Phomello Mushwana of South Africa who spoke into our lives earlier in 2014 during moments of hardship and testing.
From my family and staff, team and supporters we wish to express our desire that you have an amazing Christmas season and that 2015 be as promising and grand as you could possibly imagine. The LORD is for you and not against you in Christ Jesus.
Be blessed both coming in and going out in Jesus name.
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