Through us you can discover and create vibrant Great Commission relationships with God’s Suffering Servants, the Native Pastors who are serving in the world’s hardest places. Through them you can help orphans, widows, students, missions and ministry projects as a sponsor and prayer supporter. We exist to connect people like you to the Great Commission! Since international missions organization is to allow the Holy Spirit to connect us to wonderful pastors and ministries and to build strong vetted relationships with them in order to facilitate connections to those touched by God to come along side them and to support, encourage, edify and help sponsor their works of ministry.

Feel free to contact any of our Field Partners directly to build your own ministry, sponsor or prayer relationship directly with them. We provide a mini website present to each one of them along with a tax deductible giving account. MDC is a U.S. based, registered Non Profit ministry with EIN 72-1202161. We are listed on Charity Navigator, Charity Blossom and we are vetted and held in the highest regard by ministry leaders all around the world. God uses us, to help you do greater things for Jesus Christ and it’s our pleasure to provide these services on behalf of our Christian pastors and ministry leaders. We pour into them with leadership training, spiritual guidance, mentoring and capacity building so that they too can go farther than ever before. Visit us also at CrownLife Ministry and PastorJedidiah.org