Proverbs 28:1 Names of God Bible (NOG)

28 A wicked person flees when no one is chasing him,
but righteous people are as bold as lions.

Elohim who created all things from within Himself is issuing a challenge directly to His righteous ones. This challenge permeates your marketplace, your life and your walk with God. Yahweh says that because “you have been declared the righteousness of God, through Jesus the Christ,” you are to be “Bold As Lions.”

What does it mean to be “Bold as a Lion?” The Lion is the King of the Jungle and he’s the absolute ruler of the domain and territory under his jurisdiction. In other words the Lion rules and reigns in power, dominion and authority within his territory / jurisdiction.

Some of you are business owners, some are sales professionals and some are in ministry yet we all work within territories, jurisdictions or domains. God’s challenge to you today is to “Be bold as a Lion” in your territory. Rule it and dominate it with the power, dominion and authority given by the King of Kings, who is Himself the strong Lion of the Tribe of Judah.

Let’s address quickly these four “sprockets” of power, dominion, authority and jurisdiction. Each of these four sprockets must be balanced and meshing together in perfect alignment in order for you to enjoy the success of all that you set your hands to do for your family and for the Lord.


Power is that innate ability, the dynamite, that places you ahead of the competitors in the marketplace or it is what sets you apart “as unique” in ministry. The closer you draw to the King of Kings, the “greater power” He is prepared to give unto you. The Lord wants His people to succeed even where others have failed, to triumph through Him in the marketplace and in life.


Dominion is the arena where you bring to bear the powers entrusted to you. With the powers assigned, gifted, or entrusted to you God expects for you to establish a domain, a territory in which you rule in power and strength for His glory and for the success of your family, your business and / or your local church.


Authority is the permission that you will need from God to move forward into the fullness of the jurisdiction that He desires to see you walk in for His glory and for your continued vibrant successes. Jesus said that all authority has been given unto Him by the Father (Matthew 28) and that He assigns such authority to His disciples for a purpose and purposes.


Jurisdiction speaks of the territorial boundaries established and firmly set in place wherein you can rule and reign in power and authority for God, for your company, family or local church. Jesus received from Abba all power, all dominion, all authority and all jurisdiction. Jesus subsequently endowed those made righteous (in right standing with God through Christ) to walk boldly as lions with power, dominion, authority and jurisdiction. All four of these elements can work together in concert to propel you forward in the marketplace, in your life, in your walk with Christ and in your service to your local church and community. But here’s the catch.

You will recognize that police authorities are called “authorities” and this is because they have been entrusted with policing powers, dominion and authorities to keep the peace. They have a multiplicity of policing powers with which they establish dominion and authority in different precincts, cities, counties, states and even on the federal levels. Yet each duly commissioned officer also has a jurisdiction or regional limitation to his assigned powers. We don’t find a small town police officer enforcing state laws. Equally we don’t find a county sheriff enforcing federal laws. This is due to jurisdictional boundaries. We do find the reverse to be true in which for example, the FBI may establish jurisdictional control over a a case and dismiss local or regional powers, or choose to work in concert with them when a federal law has been violated.


Here’s the main point of how to be successful at “being bold as a lion.” You can only be as bold as a lion with power, authority and dominion within the jurisdiction or territory assigned to you at a given time. Any qualifying local authority can apply for and work for federal authorities, if they are chosen and meet the qualifications and training standards for employment. You can move from one jurisdiction level to another as God expands your influence and your domain, but it starts and continues forward by faithfully being “bold as lions” within your existing jurisdiction. It is God who raises one up and puts another down and its for His purposes.

5 Questions To Ponder:

  1. Can God trust you with “powers?”
  2. Will you faithful conquer and subdue dominions for God?
  3. How will you use the “authorities” granted by God in your life?
  4. Do you recognize the integral importance of being as bold as a lion right now, in the right now jurisdiction that God has assigned to you?
  5. Can God trust you with a near future increase in powers, dominion, authority and jurisdiction?


Ecclesiastes 10:10 Names of God Bible (NOG)

10 If an ax is blunt and the edge isn’t sharpened, then one has to use more strength. But wisdom prepares the way for success.

May the words of this text sharpen you and prepare the way for success upon success for you in your business, your family, your life and your work in your local church or ministry.



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