Child Sponsorships

As we work to develop leadership skills in our native pastors globally we are blessed that through them we can help start schools, orphanages, plant churches, hold outreaches, share the Jesus Film Shows and work together to create sponsorship programs that impact lives for good. We love to work through our native pastors in the world’s hardest places to serve orphans and widows in their afflictions.

We will have many different sponsorship opportunities that almost anyone can participate in at any level of giving. You can’t do everything but you can do something. Welcome to our Sponsorship Programs section of the MDC website.

We will be bringing new Sponsorship Programs online often and we will be developing other sections of our ministry to robustly create sponsorship tabs for widow sponsoring, educational sponsors, sports programs sponsorship, water well, and educational sponsorships. Its going to be awesome so check back on a regular basis.

Note that some of our collaborative partners have their own websites, which we often build for them and they may have the exact same program on their ministry website. It’s not a problem, no fear, our systems are all interconnected and any sponsorships that occur on any site where they are displayed all revert back to one central “command center” with synced interfaces to insure that there isn’t duplication of sponsorships. We work by the highest standards and ethics and our systems and ministry goal is to ensure that the sponsorships that we offer, manage and collaborate on are of the highest caliber and order so that many more children, widows and other sponsorships can occur without drama or hindrances.