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At the beginning of created time a very important question was asked under the worst of circumstances, “Am I my brother’s keeper?” We consider ourselves to be “our brother’s keeper” and we hope that you do as well. We have the expertise, dedication, calling and anointing, to serve well in international missions. As “our brother’s keeper” we extend a hand to churches and individual sponsors offering a vital partnership to help ensure that your work in international missions is fruitful, secure and simple.


Through our partnership and by using our simple secure giving platforms, your church, or you as an individual sponsor, can directly support a missionary, a native pastor, a project, a sponsorship opportunity, or a fundraiser opportunity. We are your “brother’s keeper” between you and the mission field. We bring to the table an array of cutting edge services for highly secure and simple donation processing, issuance of tax deductible receipts, accounting, international funds transfers, mentorship, guidance and many other services. We live, eat and breathe international missions. In our era international missions has grown quite complex due to international terrorism and travel concerns. All of our staff or board members have either served as missionaries, are serving as missionaries, or they are native pastors who have been empowered to serve at Mission Del Caribe. We firmly believe that churches, sponsors, missionaries and native pastors need “a brother’s keeper” and we are ready to serve.

If your church is planning to send missionaries abroad, we are the missions serving ministry with a unique twist.  If we can agree on the most simple basics of faith, agree to walk together and agree on common values, then a partnership with MDC could be a solid bridge between your church and the missionaries that you commision to the mission fields. If you are a church, or an individual sponsor, you can begin to either support one of our current Field Partners who are  missionaries, or native pastors, or by sponsorship any fundraising opportunities. We invite you to suggest, or refer your church, missionary or native pastor to our website, where they can explore a potential international missions partnership with MDC. We want to partner with you in the success of their mission.



We believe in creating giving and communications platforms that help Christians excel in Biblical generosity! Our systems are secure, modern, easy to use.

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