Many years ago Mission Del Caribe began as a ministry to connect Christians to missionary opportunities where they could travel abroad to serve as Ambassadors of Jesus Christ. Our work centered largely in Latin America where MDC owned a Missions Camp called “Journey Mission Camp.” In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina Mission Del Caribe sprung into action to serve the nation of Honduras by raising up over $1 million dollars in disaster relief and reconstruction aide. Over the years that followed MDC oversaw vast reconstruction and aide projects including the construction of an entire community located in Northeast Honduras. The locals affectionately named their community, “Communidad Mision Del Caribe” (The Mission Del Caribe Community) MDC staff both in the USA and in Honduras oversaw and managed numerous micro finance projects, the journey missions camp, missions groups facilitation, Relief Evangelist, staff, and a fully operational medical clinic called, “Clinica Mision Del Caribe.”

One guiding principle has remained firm at MDC and it is “Connecting Christians Globally.” We have always connected Christians to opportunities to serve abroad as missionaries. We also connect churches and sponsors to serve missionaries and native pastors. We have served as a connections conduit for relief aide, development aide, and reconstruction efforts in a number of nations. The Lord has now taken what was a Mission To The Caribbean and He has enlarged the vision and the territory to create a greater mission of “Connecting Christians Globally.”

We connect Christians globally by providing opportunities for Christians, Christian ministries, churches, and Christians businesses to advertise, create listings, support or sponsor missions or ministry projects. We connect pastors, ministers, missionaries and native pastors to sources and methods to Discover their God Purpose, Develop Teams and Tactics, to Get Funded and to Deploy into their calling.

We invite you to use our well visited MDC website to Explore | Give | Advertise | or Create A Listing for your Christian church, ministry, Christian owned business or services. All funds derived from services offered on our website are reinvested back into the ministry and global ministry of “Sharing Who Is The Christ? while serving the needy.” We are blessed to work in the world’s hardest places and we are gifted to minister to and work with native pastors and Christian community leaders in many nations all around the world. Your advertisements and listings help us to do even more than we have done before.

NOTE: The Listings that we created for our native pastors have donation Safe | Secure | Simple donation forms embedded into them as we collect the donations for many native pastors and missionaries as a part of our ministry to them. Normal listings created by our users will not have donation forms but can contain phone numbers, physical addresses and website links to your own ministry, church or business website.


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