Field Partnership


Are you a missionary or a native pastor seeking to become a Field Partner at Mission Del Caribe 501(c)(3)? If, “YES” then proceed below:

Please access the drop down menu items in this section to start the Field Partnership Application process. It’s quite logical and easy to follow along and to understand. Please note that all of our Field Partners agree to provide a 10% Home Fee to Mission Del Caribe in support of the ministry serving them. The 10% Home Fees are non negotiable and are in a sense a tithe which is used to support the same ministry that is serving our Field Partners. Apart from that the only other cost to our Field Partners is the deduction of credit card processing fees normally at 2.9%, plus .30 cents U.S per transaction to cover PayPal processing fees.

Upon final approval of your Field Partnership Status, MDC will create a listing for you on the MDC site after you provide pictures, videos and the general text about your ministry work. Inside of your mini website you will also have your own donation form which registers all donations made to you account. Our accounting department will also provide our Field Partners with direct access to their online accounting sheets where they can monitor donation activities and in this way be in close contact with their sponsors.

MDC has no budget to provide support to missionaries or native pastors other than what each one raises up monthly by sharing their site links and engaging with potential sponsors to request ongoing ministry support. In short we provide to each Field Partner oversight, a tax deductible donation processing and receipting, international ministry covering, accounting, funds forwarding once monthly, ministry oversight, mentoring, guidance and spiritual covering.



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