Frequently Asked Questions




How long does it take to process my application?

We do not have a set time to respond as in all things this process is necessarily Holy Spirit led. We typically respond quicker than you would think.

Will you notify me that my application has been received?

Yes we will try to not only notify you but to connect with you if needed by email, social media, What’s App or Skype.

Why do your preference Non Denominational or Interdenominational?

We believe that most denominational pastors, ministers and missionaries have many opportunities and systems to raise support through their particular denominations. Our founders and leaders are typically non denominational but able to work in an interdenominational setting. We do not however work to establish, nor support denominational churches.

Will your organization work with American Missionaries also?

YES! Most of our board members and founders have either been missionaries, are missionaries or have served over their lifetime in support of international missions. Again we prefer to work with non-denominational missionaries, as our first choice, interdenominational as our second choice and frankly we rarely work directly with denominational missionaries. It’s just how we are led.

Where can I learn more about the President of MDC501(c)(3)?

Great question. Look him up on Social media as “Jedidiah Wayne Gaines” Also Google him if you like. You will be surprised.

Do you work in Muslim or closed nations?

We work all places where ministry and missions work can be accomplished. We love to work through native leaders, principally and to develop great leadership in them to serve in their own nations.

Do you reject any of your applicants?

Yes we do. Many are called, but few are chosen. Work to be among those who are chosen and you will be super blessed. Nothing of eternal value is ever accomplished without prayers. Begin to pray for your own application even as we are praying over it as well.

Will I be rejected if I do not agree with the deduction of Fees from the funds raised?

Yes — you will be rejected automatically, as this is a disqualifier. One must sow into and honor and bless the umbrella organization that works to support, nurture, equip, train, raise up fundraising platforms for and networks to benefit one’s ministry and calling. The 10% Home Fee is used to support the work of the very same ministry that is working to help and to serve you. The PayPal fees and the Home Fees are only deducted from the funds that you raise on the MDC systems and are deducted prior to sending your funds each month. If you are not a giver, you need not apply. Our goal is to both give and to receive for the glory of God.

Can I remove my participation and ministry at any time?

Yes you can, but we would appreciate a 30 day notice so that we can clear bank accounts and website links related to your ministry. Either party can duly terminate walking together at any time for any reason. In fairness, we are very careful about inviting back anyone or any ministry who uses our systems, platforms and network greedily to only grow their own ministry and platform. We are in this together and together we can do more than we ever could alone. Let’s just stick together because God loves unity among His people.