From Kingdom Apprenticeship To Kingdom Ownership – A conversation with Abba

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Apprenticeship vs. Ownership

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“A conversation with Abba” …11/15/2014

It all started as a prayer but then it turned suddenly into an intimate spiritual conversation where Abba revealed some things… Follow along to partake of the unveiling of the heart of ABBA…

Revelation from Abba can take you places that PHD’s, degrees and knowledge can never go… breath in deep…

Abba why did you make the children of Israel wander around in the desert for 40 years?

Son, who told you that? You are thinking as men think. I AM has never caused anyone to wander around anywhere. If you will go back and read carefully you will discern and discover that I “led” them in the desert every step of their journey.

Yes Abba, but the sun is so hot in the day and the temperatures are so cold at night. Why did they have to suffer such extremes all alone?

Child, who told you that they suffered like that?  My dearly beloved children were given abundant shade by day with the cloud of My Presence and they were snug and warm at night and given light, by My Pillar of Fire. My precious people were never alone, not even for even one moment! I was with them just as I am with you.

I see, give me understanding. Abba did they thirst in the desert and have to search high and low for food?

Little one, draw near to Me so that you may listen. No one thirsted, as in suffering great thirst. Have you not read that The ROCK followed the children of Israel in the desert? Everywhere that I led my people, the Rock, who is the Messiah, who is the Christ, followed them and refreshed their thirst with an abundance of living waters. I poured out food from heaven for my children giving them food that they had no idea existed. Do you think they knew that angels have their own food? No they did not! And when they were in great fear, because all together the great multitudes of them numbered over 1 million people, I fed them daily raining down my tender mercies as Manna, the very food of My angels, from heaven.

Abba, why did you lead your precious people into the desert? Why were they punished like that?

You are thinking like a man again little one. Let me explain. My heart was to give unto my precious children the Promise Land. It was My heart’s desire, yet it was not yet their heart’s desire. Neither did they know how to properly respond in faith at the edge of the river. You must recognize that I know all things and I knew how they would respond, but they were the ones who did not yet know how it was that they would respond. When I told them that I was with them and that I would go ahead of them to take the land that I had already given into their hands — they wavered. They waffled. The floundered. Their hearts were not stout enough to act on My Word with living faith. They were faint of heart and their faith had not yet over ruled their flesh. Instead of forming “a conquering party” they chose to form “an exploration committee.” This conduct continues today with so many church committees who walk far short of faith. They chose 12 men and sent them forth to explore whether what I said was true or not and if I could be trusted. My heart was that they trust Me fully, but beyond that my heart was that they own the land, that they own the command that went forth and that they seize the moment to take ownership of the Promised Land with Me. You know the story how it was that of the 12, only 2 came back with “a good report of faith”, while the other 10 came back with an evil report —“one that lacked faith.” This evil report was a seed that further diluted their faith response and broke the resolve of my precious people to hear and to obey. After that I removed the 10 filled with unbelief from among them and I spoke well of my servants Joshua and Caleb. The 40 years in the desert was a result of how many days they spent exploring the land, instead of taking the land. I told them that they would spend 1 year in the desert for each day that they spent exploring the land— instead of taking the land. (1 day = 1 year x 40) This was no punishment son, this was a Kingdom Apprenticeship Unto Kingdom Ownership.

Abba, I don’t understand because most of us were taught that the 40 years in the desert were a punishment from an angry God who banished His people to wander in the desert for 40 years, until that evil generation died off and were replaced by their descendants.

Son, my ways are so much higher than that! My heart is so much wider than that. Let me talk to you about my plan for “Kingdom Apprenticeship Unto Kingdom Ownership.” A human Apprenticeship is a system of training a new generation of practitioners of a trade or profession with on-the-job training and often some accompanying study (classroom work and reading). Most of their training is done while working for an employer who helps the apprentices learn their trade or profession, in exchange for their continued labor for an agreed period after they have achieved measurable competencies. My Divine Apprenticeship has always been part of how I create the right heart and the right spirit in my precious people. Israel did not possess the right heart, nor the right spirit, to take the Promise Land the first time when I offered it to them. I knew this, but they did not. I also knew that they would have to pass through the Divine Apprenticeship— just like my other servants have.

Really? What other servants went through the Divine Apprenticeship?

I love revealing things to you—things that you have not seen. Adam went through Divine Apprenticeship in the Garden of Eden and then when I removed him and Eve from the Garden, they had to learn again. Abram became Abraham— through Diving Apprenticeship. Why do you suppose that I sent my servant Moses out into the desert for 40 years before I placed my beloved people Israel under his hand?


Well, Abba I’ve heard that he killed a man and fled to the desert to escape the wrath of Pharaoh.

That has truth to it, but again it is such shallow human thinking that often limits such events to human motivations and stagnates revelation and understanding. It was necessary for Moses to gain apprenticeship both in the palace and in the desert— because he would be my “go between” in both places. Moses was educated in the ways of Egypt and had been raised at the elbow of Pharaoh and this was no accident. Moses was led into the desert as well and this was a divine apprenticeship. Think about it? How many times did Moses demand that my people be released and for what purpose?

Abba I don’t remember how many times Moses demanded their release, but I do remember clearly reading Your purpose for their release.

What was My purpose son?

“Let my people go that they might praise Me!”

That’s right son! You have revelation by the Spirit. The purpose of setting my people free was that they might praise Me. In deep slavery and deep bondage its’ hard, but not impossible, for men to praise Me. It was in my heart that they have freedom— by My hand —that they might praise Me! This is also why I raised up and richly blessed America, yet if they do not turn from their iniquity… For this very reason I had to raise up a man who would speak for Me and not be silenced. Such a man had to be honed in so many ways. Son what do you suppose Moses did for all of those years in the desert?

I’ve read that he wandered from place to place and then became a herder of animals and that he married and had children and established a life in the desert —on the backside of the desert— just waiting and living a nomadic life.

It’s funny son— how some people think you have such an anointing when in fact apart from Me— you are a bit shallow without my divine revelations. Pay attention—- I was preparing Moses in the very place and under the very conditions, where he would eventually lead my precious people. I taught him how to thrive in the desert. I taught him the ways of the desert. I taught him how to lead as a Shepherd and how to care for a flock. I taught him which plants were poisonous and which plants could be eaten. I taught Moses which snakes were venomous and which snakes were profitable to have around. I taught him where to find water in cactus’s and the locations of each deep refreshing oasis. Do you see it son? It was My Divine Apprenticeship wherein I raised up Moses to be stout in heart and well equipped to help lead my people in that very same desert many years later.


I see it now Abba, its’ a divinely designed apprenticeship that you have used in the lives of your leaders, all of whom must go through divine apprenticeship before they can be used by You for greater things.

Yes, now you see it because I have revealed it to you. That’s what revelation is you know? It’s the revealing of something that has always been there— but was hidden from you and you could neither see it nor discern it— until I opened the curtain pointed to it and said, “Look here son!”

Yes, divine revelation is so amazing. Abba who else went through divine apprenticeship?

Let’s not get too far off the subject, but how many fingers and toes do you have all together?

Uh… 20

Right, well start with Adam, Eve, Seth, Enock, Noah, Abraham, Sarah, Issac, Jesse, Joseph, David, Hezekiah, Ezekiel, Isaiah, Zedekiah, Rahab, Jesus, 12 disciples, 72 disciples, Paul… Now you have long ran out of fingers and toes to count on— but I think you get the picture right?

Amen, I see it clearly now—its’ how you work in the lives of your children.

That’s right! So back to where we were concerning my children— Israel and their time in the desert. It was 40 years of divine apprenticeship in order to fully prepare their hearts that they would take possession of the Promise Land.

Abba, there is a passage in the Old Testament that says that you sent them into the desert— so that you might know their hearts and know how they would respond.

Something has been long misunderstood about that passage my son. I already knew how they would respond. I Am God and I know all things. How often I speak in My Word about knowing the hearts of men. When I first told them to take ownership of the Promise Land and that I was with them, I could see their hearts clearly. Remember, I know all things past, present and future —so I already knew what their response would be. The ones who did not know how they would respond—were indeed my children. They thought they knew how they would respond. They thought they knew how they would react with faith— but in the end their hearts deceived them and they wavered. It was necessary that they go through the divine apprenticeship so that they might know, that they know,— for sure— how they would respond when I led them to the Jordan river the second time. That’s what it was all about. It was about them developing from a people dependent upon Me for every little thing in life, a whiny complaining people of weak hearts —to becoming co-owners of a kingdom with Me.

So, Abba, the desert, the 40 years was not a test for you to know how they would respond—- but a test for them to know how they would respond?

That’s right son, at times I was silent in the desert, but then again even human teachers are silent while their students are taking important test. If you consider it deeply son, the test is not for the teachers’ benefit— but for the student’s benefit. When a person desires a credential, a degree, a diploma, or an empowerment—- then there is always a test, a series of test, prior to credentials being issued. It’s the same when people go through various trials and tribulations—- as such things work in them patience, long suffering and great endurance which leads to great rewards.

Abba talk to me more about “Divine Apprenticeship To Kingdom Ownership” in a way that I can better understand.

Yes, well imagine a person who desires to own a print company and to know how to successfully operate such a company. Such a person can enter into an apprenticeship where the owner provides nearly everything “in a spoon to mouth way.” The owner provides the ink, the paper, the printing press, the office space, the training, the telephones, the restrooms, the cafeteria and benefits, etc in exchange for the apprentice learning and serving in his business. Eventually the apprentice can often go from apprentice to owner of the business. This is what I have always desired from my leaders and my people— that they go from being an apprentice to taking a firm hold of the plow and to owning this Kingdom with Me.


Really? You want us to be Co-Owners with You in Your Kingdom?

Is it not written, “Have I not said that you are elohim?” Do you understand the fullness of those divine Words son?

Speak to me Abba and tell me more.

From the very beginning of scripture I reveal my name as Yahweh— as it is my name. I AM Yahweh and it is my personal name. I am also revealed by titles such as Elohim which means literally, “He who gave birth to all things, creating all things from within Himself and giving birth to all things for His glory!’ Do you see it son? I Am Elohim and as I spoke in my Word about creation and creating— I spoke as Yahweh Elohim, the creator. There are many who choose to fight over “Creation verses Evolution” and I have a revelation for such people. It is neither Creation nor Evolution alone— but rather “Yahweh Elohim gave birth to all things and then from some of those things formed the creation of other things.” Take for instance, man. I formed man out of the dust of the earth—which is that which I had given birth to. I worked by the LIGHT that I also gave birth to —-because I Am LIGHT— so I gave birth to both dust and to LIGHT among many other things. In regards to woman, I formed her out of the rib of the man who I had created out of the dust that I gave birth to— because the rib is the bone closet to the heart and protects the heart. Do you see that when I called you “elohim,” I used a small “e” to share with you part of my power? I give birth to things and have set this in motion in all of “creation.” Humans give birth, animals give birth, nature gives birth. If I AM wants to give birth to a new creature— then Elohim I AM gives birth to it. I Am created you spiritually in this very same way. Did we not say, “Let us make man in our own image.” Do you not know that every building that was ever built was first born inside of a person as a picture or a vision? An architect must capture a vision of a building to be enabled to give birth to it on paper with a design that an Engineer can then translate into construction drawings and workmen can then erect into a physical building. Take note that it all starts inside of a man and so it is with the way We gave birth to the creation of all things. There must be a picture, an image, a dream, a vision. Why do you think that so often I told my Prophets to tell me what they saw? Or at times they were just compelled to speak forth the vision that they saw in images. Even the Book of Revelation is a “picture book” that I gave to My SON, who in turn gave it to John the Revelator. John saw things in images and painted Word pictures in the Word of life that became Words, Divine Words on paper that men today still fail to understand— because some understanding only comes by revelation, revelation of the picture. Men invented cameras to take pictures, but in the beginning those pictures could not be seen unless they were taken to a location to be processed and revealed. Now things have progressed and are much faster with digital pictures, but the truth remains that the image must be revealed, even if it is revealed digitally, it must be revealed. I am telling you that I created my people to be “elohims” in that they will have witty inventions, great ideas, images, pictures that I download to them and they will turn such things into reality. Have you not seen how I bless my Israel with witty ideas and inventions that profit the world, yet people hate my beloved Israel and my people. I have given unto those who have eyes to see and ears to hear the ability to get an image inside of you, to create a blueprint and to create things that I can manifest, give birth to through you and into physical reality. You are “elohims” and you— like Your Abba— give birth to things. This is what I was teaching ancient Israel in the desert during their apprenticeship. I wanted them to catch the vision of them going from apprenticeship to co-owners of a kingdom with Me. I had to prepare their hearts for this as well as their lives.


Abba, but the entire generation who were in unbelief died in the desert and did not enter into the promise land. Only those who followed after them, being their descendants eventually entered in to take the Promise Land. What happened in this case?

Dear son, those who died in the desert lived full lives prior to their sleep and were supplied with every need by My hand of provision. I gave them water, food — in the form of daily manna for 40 years. I did not let their clothes wear out, nor did their feet swell. I gave them oil for their skin to make them a radiant people. I provided every detail to them. They thrived in the desert under my grace. I even told them how to camp. I laid out the camp in the form of a cross. I was at the center and I made them look always at me and not outwardly to their enemies, because I was protecting them. The picture that I painted is quite compelling and all of the enemy tribes who looked down upon my peaceful people Israel from the mountaintops saw the cross of my beloved Son which spoke of the future promise. Their enemies saw another faith picture as my precious people were camped in the desert. Their enemies saw that their tent doors were facing inward, towards the Tent of Tabernacle and My presence. It is quite a stunning revelation that the enemies of my people beheld the tribes camped out in an order that exactly formed a cross, like the one where my beloved Son would lay down His precious life years later. Quite a revealing portrait I painted for My people and for the people of the world. Yet to answer your question more fully concerning those who died in the desert. They failed to believe and failed to take ownership, to take hold of the promise, the vision, the apprenticeship, but their children and their grandchildren who witnessed my tender love and mercy in the desert— they caught hold of the vision and the apprenticeship and they moved eventually from apprenticeship to ownership with me in the Promise Land.


So Abba, some have alluded to the thought that You provided for Your children in the desert, but that once they entered the Promise Land that this provision of Yours ceased. People get confused over why You provided in the desert, but did not rain down manna and water in the Promise Land. Will you reveal to us more?

I Am enjoying this walk in the Spirit son, so let me tell you more. Once an apprentice becomes a co-owner or an owner of the business does the Master still supply all of the ink, printing press, office space, business plan, etc. or does the Owner invite the co-owner to co-create or co-birth with him the business plan, the materials needed, the budgets, the plans, the advertising, etc? Do you see it son? When my people arrived at the edge of the Jordan River for the second time— they knew that they knew, that they knew— in their hearts how they would respond when I gave them a second chance. They knew that they would not respond as apprentices respond, but that they would respond as co-owners of the kingdom of Israel and that they would cross over and take the Promise Land, killing every giant as he raised his head. They just knew it in their hearts and they did not waiver this time and their hearts did not fail them this time, as in the first go around. They had been through my divine apprenticeship and they were ready this time. As co-creators, as co-birthers with me it was not necessary, neither was it beneficial for me to meet every small need and feed them “spoon to mouth”, after all they are “elohims” who are called to co-create, co-birth what they need for life.


Tell me more Abba…

I will tell you more son because I want for you to know, to understand, to see the picture and to reveal it to others. I invited My precious people to allow me to cause all of creation, which I gave birth to and created, to work along with them, for them, all around them— to help enable them, to prosper them and to help them rule and reign in the Kingdom of Israel then and in the Kingdom of My Christ now. 

That is all so very amazing Abba, and yet today we are thousands of years from that time. How does all of this apply to our lives today and until our Messiah Yahshua returns?

Son you are sharp in spirit and I enjoy spending time with you in the Spirit. Listen, My Son Yahshua Ha’Maschiach choose to pass through an apprenticeship that lasted for 33 years on earth, in order to establish the vision of a divinely led Kingdom on earth that would never be overthrown by the gates of hades but would in fact charge the gates of hades and overtake them and the works of darkness and sin.

Abba, are you saying that Yahshua choose to go through the apprenticeship while on earth?

Son the first 30 years of the life of my son in the flesh, was apprenticeship where things were quiet and not much was revealed publicly. In fact if anyone had looked at His life say at age 16, 25, 28, 29 they would have said that His ministry was unfruitful, unproductive, that He was an unknown and outcast from an outback town. What they failed to see was that He was in divine apprenticeship of the Most High caliber subjecting Himself willfully to human constraints while living in a human body, yet without sin. When His hour and His time came He was tested. Do you know where He was tested son?


In the desert Abba.

That’s right son, the testing is nearly always in the desert place and Yahshua was “led” to the “desert” by Holy Spirit to be tested. In that desert place Yahshua passed from apprentice in the flesh into Divine co-birther of My Kingdom upon the earth. In that test, face to face with satan, My Son glorified Me and stunned, dismayed and angered the enemy. Later on the cross, my beloved Son would put the enemy and all of his cohorts to shame stripping them of all power, all rank and all authority and I Am would move Him to my right hand seated in high places where the robe of His train fills the entire temple. Those who are in Him are seated with Him as well in high places. 


So, Abba, did Yahshua use the same apprenticeship model for His disciples and is that part of our walk today?

Indeed son, Yahshua caused His own disciples to pass through our divine apprenticeship. Some have called it discipleship and that’s a bit of a human way of seeing it. It is actually a divine apprenticeship where the Master trains his apprentices towards the goal of become co-owners in the Kingdom. The first chosen disciples passed through three full years of divine apprenticeship from the Master, before taking ownership of the Kingdom.

Abba, Your Word tells us about 72 disciples of Yahshua who were sent out without money, food, extra clothing, extra shoes, neither tunic nor a staff for protection. Was that part of the divine apprenticeship that Yahshua established for them?

Indeed son, you have zeroed in on something of paramount importance. These 72 were sent out without anything that they could rely with these exceptions in the following order: ME, My divine power and each other. Remember Yahshua sent them out in pairs of two so that they would have one with them to lift the other up, should they fall or stumble. He sent them out among wolves of the most devouring kinds. People often miss this in spiritual terms because the areas that Yahshua intended to later visit were the very areas that He dispatched His apprentices to— without natural back up, without physical protection and without physical things to rely upon. It was a spiritual battle that they would take to the heart of the enemy. It was a spiritual battle fought in a physical dimension with spiritual tools of warfare that are powerful for the overthrowing so kingdoms and kings. These 72 came back rejoicing at all that they had accomplished, but Yahshua quickly corrected them sharing with them that it was not they who had accomplished anything alone— but it was Yahweh Elohim working through His “elohims” who had accomplished all things. Think about it son… they were rejoicing and filled with joy and told Yahshua how they had cast out demons and how they had healed the sick and how they had done this and that for Me. My Son, Yahshua brought forth the revelation that would move them from apprentices to co-owners in the work of the Kingdom of Christ.


What was that revelation Abba?

Ok, I’ll tell you son. As they rejoiced and commented to Yahshua about how even the demons had to obey them— my Son said, “Yes, I know, I saw satan fall off of a cloud like a bolt of lightning to the earth.” What Yahshua was saying was that although He had not been physically present with the 72 disciples He was spiritually present and that I AM was there the entire time and that I AM worked through them as “elohims.” In other words, as Yahshua looked on spiritually, so was satan looking on from a high place in a spiritual realm where he had authority in the heavenly places between the earth and God’s heaven. Yahshua and satan witnessed at the very exact same moment in time when My divine power leapt from Me, Yahweh Elohim, to my “elohim’s” who were going about my work. Yahshua was not with them physically but a divine transfer of power had taken place and satan witnessed it and it knocked him off of his high place. He knew he and his unauthorized kingdom was under attack and that what had not been plausible to him before was now a reality that he had witnessed with his own eyes. Yahweh Elohim had transferred His power to flow through these human apprentices who were now co-owners and co-workers with Yahweh.


What was it Abba? What did satan see that knocked him off of his rocker?

He saw Me empower mere mortal men, even as I had empowered my Yahshua, to do the works of the Kingdom. Satan saw apprentices of the Kingdom of Yahshua being transformed to stout, believing, unwavering, co-owners of a Kingdom to come! This shook satan to the core and sent him plummeting down, because the Kingdom of Yah was becoming the Kingdom of Yahshua who works through His “elohims” upon the face of the earth and against the satanic kingdoms of the earth. Take note that my personal name is Yahweh and the name of my beloved Son in Hebrew is Yahshua. Yah- Shua means “Yah Saves.” It’s the perfect revelation of John 3:16. Yah saved the world through His only begotten Son Yahshua. 

Is there more Abba? What more can I learn?

There is always more son, always. When these 72 came back and were celebrating their power over demons and their power over sickness My Yahshua made a startling clarification saying, “It’s not so much about what you can do, but rather what God can do through you. This is the power to overcome!”

Wow that is startling Abba.

Yes, but it has always been this way son. It was not so much about what Abraham could do, but rather what I could do through Abraham. It was not so much about what Moses could do, but rather what I could do through Moses. It was a bit different with my Yahshua, yet He learned obedience from the things that He suffered, not because He was not divine and having been with Me since the beginning, but rather because He willingly humbled Himself to take on human flesh and its complicated limitations in terms of divine nature. My Yahshua proved to anyone and to everyone that I lead My people to possess ownership in My Kingdom.

So Abba, no man should glory in the works of the flesh, but rather in what You can do through us?

Right my son. You alone can do nothing of eternal value, but when you yield to me your spirit, your flesh, your body, your mind and all of your being, it is then that I can work through you as My instrument. It’s like a wind instrument son, as long as it is not yielded to the wind of the Spirit, then there is no sound coming forth, however the moment I breath life into it by my Ruach Ha’Kodesh then it comes alive. I animate it! I bring it to life! I cause it to sing! I give it victory! So son, its’ not so much about what you can do for me, but rather what I can do through you. This is the key to the Power to Overcome. This is the key to passing from divine apprenticeship to Kingdom Ownership.

Abba, I am stunned at the revelation, but I yield all of my being to You and I take ownership of this thing. I take my part of ownership of the Kingdom of Your Christ and I own it from this day forward as a “elohim son” of the Most High God Yahweh Elohim.

That’s it “elohim son” now take this message and spread it far and wide that others receive the power to overcome which is revealed in this conversation about passing from Kingdom Apprenticeship to Kingdom Ownership. You are a Kingdom Heir, a rightful owner, a beloved son, a holy priesthood, living stones…


Abba, I’ve always had this question? How can a stone be alive or living?

Son, if I let you I know that you will never cease to ask all questions, yet we have all of eternity ahead of us for such a joy as this. However I say unto you that I AM is He and only He who can take what is dead, like a stone, and give unto it life. I Am can take those living stones and build them up into a “living house”, a Holy Royal Priesthood Kingdom through Yahshua Ha’Maschiach, the STONE, the Chief Cornerstone who the builder’s rejected, yet I honored above all others. To Him be the glory in His Kingdom, to Him I have given power, glory and honor forever and ever amen.

Thank you Abba for speaking to me an “beloved elohim son” by the power of Holy Spirit who lives, moves, breathes and brings life to the sons of men who will lay down their pitiful weak lives to take up the cross of Christ, His resurrection power and invite You to work Your power through them to cast out demons, to heal the sick, to preach the Good News of the Kingdom and to speak light into darkness and to see LIGHT overtake darkness. To inherit the Kingdom Divine, as those destined to reign and to rule with the Christ, the beloved Son of the Most High and only God Yahweh Nissi, our banner, Yahweh Rapha, our healer, Yahweh Tesaboath, God of all of the Angels Armies who fights our fights working through us to overcome in every circumstance and under every trial we go from apprentices to co-owners of the Kingdom of Yahshua our Lord. Amen and amen.


One other thing Abba, shall I cite all of the scriptures that relate to our conversation today as many will read this?

No son, encourage each one to be diligent as they all are to individually possess the spirit of the Berean disciples, who took ownership of the scriptures and diligently searched out, prayed and discerned my good and perfect will. 


Thank YOU ABBA. Amen.

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