Ministry Overview


We serve cross-culturally in different nations, tribes and tongues — sharing “Who is the Christ?” while serving the needy. Our specialty and gifting from God is to serve Missionaries and Native Pastors in some of the world’s hardest places. Our ministry work is one of befriending, mentoring, serving and empowering them as they preach the Gospel and serve impoverished orphans and widows. Together we are walking In The Spirit Of The Living God, While Inspiring People To Know Jesus And To Be Known By Him!



Ministry Mission Statement:


“We partner with churches and sponsors to serve Missionaries and Native Pastors and we help people discover, develop and deploy into their callings, dreams, visions and purposes”




Since 1991, MDC501c3 has successfully implemented a series of global ministries — based on it’s Member’s model. Historically MDC501(c)(3) has led relief and development works in third world nations, as well as having led in the planting of native led churches for nearly three decades.




Historical Overview:


MDC was originally formed in December of 1991 with the original purpose of facilitating Christian ministry and mission work into Latin America. We facilitated missions groups to a jointly managed 1,200 acre ranch in Olancho, Honduras for a number of years. Subsequently MDC relocated its camp facility to Trujillo, Colon, in Honduras. MDC was raised up to provide an amazing “Christian Relief and Emergency Response Platform” that benefited the nation of Honduras post Hurricane Mitch. In part, we believe that God selected MDC for this honor, because many of our board members and supporters were already working hand in hand with the native peoples since the early 1980’s.


We were entrusted by donors, with over $1 million U.S. dollars to help the people of Honduras in the recovery and rebuilding of their lives and the nation of Honduras. MDC facilitated entire containers of food, equipment, vehicles and supplies to our native partners in Honduras.


In the years that followed MDC maintained offices and staff on the North Coast of Honduras, and in addition to rebuilding homes MDC also purchased a tract of land where they facilitated the building of an entire resettlement village for victims of Hurricane Mitch. The residents affectionately call the village, “Colonia Mision del Caribe.”


As a part of MDC’s ongoing ministry work, the Lord provided Dr. Tony “Emmanuel” Tabora M.D. and his precious wife Maria Clara M.D. They were native Honduran doctors who arrived with their young family to operate the MDC Regional Health Clinic on the North coast of Honduras. They served with professionalism, distinction, valor and honor. Dr. Tony “Emmanuel” Tabora M.D. subsequently lost his life tragically — while serving his people, the people of Honduras. His family continues their life together and always honor their hero and ours Dr. Tony “Emmanuel” Tabora M.D.”


In the ensuing years MDC participated in the dual earthquakes response leading and working hand in hand with native ministers in the nation of El Salvador and Honduras. The MDC leadership continues to be made up of men and women who love Jesus,  and are anointed  and gifted for cross cultural missions and ministry the hardest nations.




MdC has extended it’s reach globally as a Parent 501(c)(3) with unconditional tax exemption and serves with a NTEE COMMON CODE. Q: International, Foreign Affairs and National Security, as an independent organization or Not For Profit Corporation. Our ministry work continues to grow and to reach globally into some of the world’s hardest places. We ask that you stand with us in prayers and in financial support. We can do so much more together.

Ministry And Financial Integrity:


Our President has lived and served overseas as a missionary — working hand in hand with native pastors and has served in international missions for nearly 4 decades. Our Vice President has served in missions over 5 decades. All of our staff are native pastors from among the nations who are gifted, anointed, seasoned men of God who have proven themselves loyal and of the highest caliber of integrity. Our financial system are highly secure, yet simple for those who give. As a Non Profit 501(c)(3) we file an annual 990 financial disclosure that is available online at Guidestar where our ministry is a Bronze Star Member.



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Hurricane Mitch relief and rebuilding

-(Over $1 million dollars raised and administrated over relief and recovery years)
-Micro loans, business jump starts, Vo-Ag Projects, cooperatives Home rebuilding, community support and leadership.
-Coordination of relief supplies and containers of relief goods.
-Built Colonia Mission Del Caribe in Colon, Honduras. An entire 40 acres community for those who lost homes.
-Funded Special Teams of “Relief Evangelist” Staff, office space, vehicles and equipment management.
-Set up vocational agricultural projects including reforestation, bakery and similar economic and reforestation initiatives post Hurricane Mitch.

Journey Project

-Facilitated Christian group travel to serve in pro of Honduras in spiritual and physical recovery outreaches.
-Built Camp facilities on a large 1,200 acre farm in San Esteban, Olancho, Honduras. This farm would later years become Honduras Outreach. A separate independent long term 501(c)(3).

Honduras Outreach

-MDC Relocated and built a Camp, Retreat and Response Center in Trujillo, Colon Honduras at the point of impact of Hurricane Mitch.
-Facilitated the introduction of countless college age and youth to international missions.
-Medical Clinic Hired two Missionary Doctors and established medical clinic in Trujillo, Honduras.
-Provided educational outreaches and services to the community and region of Colon, Honduras.
-Participated in projects with sister ministry at which some of our board members also served to establish The Honduras Bible School and related projects in Amacuapa Valley, Olancho and Colon, Honduras.
-Honduras Bible School Participated in training of native ministers and the establishment, historically; of over 80 churches in the Eastern regions of Honduras.

Hurricane Katrina Response, Louisiana USA

-Participated in helping to coordinate relief efforts due to Hurricane Katrina event in Louisiana.
-Worked in direct coordination with local churches and leaders to facilitate groups, projects and materials to aid victims of the hurricane.

Tornado, Prattville, Alabama, USA

-Participated in helping to coordinate relief efforts due to large tornado strike in Prattville, Alabama.
-Worked in direct coordination with local churches and leaders to facilitate groups, projects and materials to aid victims of the tornado.
-Worked with other groups to bring in freight truck food and supply boxes for tornado victims.

Our board members are active in a broad range of ministries and non profits, all of which have a vision to Share the Good News and to serve the whole man. Jointly we believe in the power of  partnerships with locals – on the ground in their own nations