If you obey the Creator, He shall cause creation to obey you

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“Holy, Holy, — Holy is the Lord! Holy, Holy, —- Holy is the Lord! I’ll sing Your praise and lift up Your name — Holy, Holy, —Holy is the Lord!”

Phomello & Betty

If You Obey the Creator, He shall Cause Creation to Obey You.

Sons and daughters of God please pray for deeper revelation concerning the above Word as God is preparing His sons and daughters for Greater Exploits!
God is delving me deeper into His presence and its no fire to sit by!!!!!! I have much to share… Our Ministry is under the mighty grace of Abba! Abba has taken me through a school of training on how to fluently speak the Word from the Spirit not by mere human thoughts. The work and divine assignment ahead of us is greater than I had foreseen. The sheer magnitude of the task and work at hand is staggering in the least and the stakes are unfathomable by human measure…


 Mighty Conquerors!!! I Dare YOU From This Day to Live Your Life in the Faith Realm as the Living Word Commands Us Through the Prophets and the Apostles “for my righteous one will live by faith and if s/he shrinks back I will not be pleased with him/her ” We must remember that sight and reason deal with facts which are created things as prevailing in the moment within the natural realm.

Hebrews 10:38
New International Version (NIV)

38 And,

“But my righteous one will live by faith.
    And I take no pleasure
    in the one who shrinks back.”

But Faith Draws its Strength from the Divine Truth of God and subsequently Accesses the Divine Power of God to Supernaturally Align and Change All Things According to God’s Divine Power Operating Through His Living Word!
In which case, living by sight and reason perpetually renders You subject to Circumstances and Persisting Situations. Whilst living by Faith Divinely Empowers You to Dominate Circumstances & Rule Over Every Situation by the Divine Power of the Indomitable God Who Reigns Over All Things Forever through His Living Word!

 In order to better understand this verse intricately and perfectly as the Holy Spirit intends we will go part by part word by word. Amen! By the rich grace of God, Oh Holy Spirit make me unpack and reveal the innermost parts of this verse, in the name of Lord Jesus Christ the Wisdom of God, to the Glory of the Father.. Amen!& Amen!

Are You ready to go deeper?  “My Righteous One Shall Live By Faith And If He Shrinks Back I will Not Be Pleased With Him.”

Phomello:   By the strength of the Lord lets go!

My Righteous One- the one in the faith of Abraham! Shall live by faith- they shall be empowered to exist fully and be perfectly sustained in all things by their steadfast and unwavering believe in my Promises/Word according to the divine power residing therein! And if s/he shrinks back I will not be pleased with him/her-
If my elected one doubts, fears, questions my Word and cowers before created things, I the Creator and Sovereign Master of All Created Things will not be pleased That they Doubt my Power to Perform that which I say!

 Phomello: HalleluYah!

In Other Words.. God Expects and Demands of Us to ONLY Operate Within His Divine Nature and to Only Recognize and Acknowledge Him, and Only Him, as the Sovereign Master OVER All!When we doubt and shrink back- doubt, fear, cower, give up, loose hope, loose courage, loose the first Love, scorn and despise the gift Salvation, mock the glory of the cross, yoke yourself with unbelievers, turn from righteousness and pursue own sinful desires—, it is an act equivalent to insulting the Sacrifice done for You at the Cross and questioning and doubting God’s Divine Supernatural Power to perform that which He says!
As it was to Abraham unto whom his belief in the Promise of God to PERFORM that which He had PROMISED was credited to him as Righteousness. God still gives the same honor.
He Rewards Us with Righteousness when we Unwaveringly Believe His Word/Promises even in the face of daunting Circumstances! As it is written in the scriptures. Without Righteousness we can never see the Face/Goodness/Faithfulness of God! So when we Believe EVERYTHING that God SAYS in HIS Word We Receive God’s Righteousness which Gives Us Legal Rights to be Heard on High and to be Legitimate Beneficiaries of God’s Promises!!!
Phomello: The WORD is the COVENANT! The Stipulations of God are COVENANT COMMANDS which We Must Obey in Order to Be Approved for God’s Covenant Blessing!

The same God we serve today spoke to Joshua this way. Joshua 1:7- Be Strong and Very Courageous, be CAREFUL to OBEY ALL The Law my servant Moses/the Prophets/Apostles gave You; do not turn from it to the right or to the left, THAT YOU MAY BE SUCCESSFUL WHEREVER YOU GO!!! In Other Words! I will paraphrase by turning water into wine! What God was essentially saying to Joshua.. is that:

Joshua, despite your excellent skill in fighting with all Your fighting men you will Not Be Able to Possess my PROMISES BY FLESH, BUT ONLY THROUGH MY WORD!
SO ABIDE IN MY WORD AND LET MY WORDS ABIDE IN YOU AND WHEN YOU ARE ONE WITH MY WORD! YOU SHALL ASK WHATEVER YOU DESIRE AND IT SHALL BE DONE FOR YOU. AND NOTHING SHALL BE IMPOSSIBLE FOR YOU!!! Joshua put the Lord’s Promise to the Test.. AFTER MEDITATING ON THE WORD… OBEYING ALL THAT THE WORD SAYS. AND BECOMING ONE WITH THE WORD! He Asked God to Stop The Sun!!! And the Sun Stopped!!! His Desire to Destroy All His Enemies Under the Light of Day was Granted! Because He Obeyed the Word! He did not Doubt the Word! He Abided in the Word and the Word Abided in Him! He Was One with the Word! The Word that is God! And when Man becomes ONE with the Word of God! His Nature Becomes Like the Nature of God the Creator of All Who Dictates All things in Creation!

When we become One with the Word we Transcend the LIMITED Human Realm and Operate Directly from the UNLIMITED GOD REALM!!! Not everyone got this because it is not for everyone.. but for the One who is Ready to Believe God with All their Mind, their Heart, their Soul and All their Strength!!! I Could go deeper but the Holy Spirit says it is enough for the Obedient.
In other Words. What God was fundamentally saying Joshua is that. When You abide in my Word and my Word abides in You. You will begin to think like me and when You start thinking like me. You’ll Act like me. and Who can reverse it when God acts?


Okay U missed that. Lets go at it again. When You meditate on my Word and Believe in My Word my Word begins to become Your reality and shapes and forms all things around You and within Your realm according to the Word You Decree over Your life…

Okay.. lets try one Last time…

When You Believe the Word of God to be the Ultimate Reality of All things. His Word Affects and transforms all Creation around You Anew! You become a New Creation No Longer Subject to the Old but being made New like the Morning! The Word replaces the Old Adamic Order with the New Christ Order! When You live by Faith in the Word of the Lord the Divine Nature within the Word begins to flow throughout Your life and unleashes prophetic power and authority to align and change all things in Your life according to the Professed Word of God. Through the Christ Order/CovenanT You inherit All His Virtues and Blessing as well as His Anointing to Prevail and Sustain like Him. The Covenant follows the nature of its Bearer. Under the Adamic covenant we become easily tempted and fall as Adam was But Under the Christ Covenant We Prevail Against All Circumstances and Triumph over every temptation and situation we face even as Our Lord Did His Word thus Follows and Creates His Nature in Our Lives when we keep His Words and Abide in Him we become One with the God Nature/Spirit found in the Word who became flesh/tangible/reality and His Word becomes flesh/reality in our Lives! Then His Word becomes flesh/reality in Our lives!
The Covenant follows the Nature of its Bearer/keeper. God’s Covenants are Eternal, Full of Blessing and Faithful because His very Nature flows through each and everyone of His Covenant Words! Whilst on the other hand none of the devil’s covenants prevail and remain faithful because he is the father of all lies  and his Covenants thus inherit his evil nature because of his wickedness which flows from his spirit to everything he does. Obeying God is a commandment which secures us in good stead with Him, in terms of the standing Covenant in place between Him and Creation which is the Overarching Covenant! Underneath that Overarching Covenant which encompasses Covenants which God has with Various Heavenly Beings and Angels, etc. There’s a Covenant he has set in place between Him and mankind which is presided over by the Chief Priest of Our Confession who has since been promoted to presiding over all Covenants in the Heavenly realms and natural spaces scattered throughout the universe. Surely You will concur that one cant expect to receive God’s blessing without Obedience to God’s Command, as obedience paves the way for the blessing!

Abraham obeyed God’s command to kill his only son and he was highly blessed and appointed the father of all nations and not just one son because of His obedience to God’s command!
Lord Jesus, puts it this way. I do all that Father tells me for I know following/obeying His commands leads to eternal life/heavenly kind of life! Honoring God first through
Tithing and offering is a command which positions us on legal grounds to claim and receive God’s blessing for financial provision! Without obeying which, You cant possibly expect to reap anything wether in the near future or distant generation!

Did You know that Abraham’s tithe is a seed that secured the future financial blessing of His descendants which ensured that they leave Egypt (land of slavery and poverty) laden with all the wealth and riches of that country.. subsequently bankrupting an entire leading economy overnight!
Obedience kisses blessing!

God’s Words equate to covenants laws and commands which take effect within various areas of existence within creation! We live under the Law of Grace which dictates we Obey Christ and believe in God to receive Salvation! Which is a command on its own! Christ said if You Love me, obey my Commands! Do You understand and hear what the spirit is saying to churches Brother..?
When we Obey the Command to Receive and Accept Christ as Our Lord and Saviour and Acknowledge Him as the Son of the Living God. God covers us with His Righteousness which is fully endowed upon the Son. Its this Righteousness which legitimizes us to receive God’s Grace. When we reject the Son we fall out of the perimeters of God’s grace!

The Grace and Truth of God are Only found in the Son!
Hence Paul warns us to WORK our Salvation with Fear and Trembling, lest we fall out of the Gift of Grace which ensures Our Salvation! Believing in the Son is a Covenant Command!
 There’s a Scripture which states.. “if it is so Hard to save the righteous, ow much more the perishing”.. this is where Grace comes in! Grace does not undo the law. It Meets All the Law for Us so we can Go Free if we but Obey One Commandment and that is to Believe in the Son and Obey All His Commands!In this way. Obeying Christ meets all the requirements of the mosaic law and transcends the demands and condemnations thereof as there is no Condemnation in Christ!

We are effectively and perfectly saved through Christ who becomes the Only Law for Us by grace! I Am the Way the Truth, and the Life. No One can come to the Father except by me!

Yahshua bridges the gap between us and the Father! God operates by Covenant Laws, Statutes and Precepts at All times which make up His Presiding Covenants over all Creation!

He is the God of Order!

Yahweh EL Berit “The Covenant Keeping God”
We are under the Covenant of Grace! Grace operates according to a certain set of Covenant Laws devised by God for His Purpose!
The Law of Love!
Law of Mercy!
The Law of Forgiveness!

God is ready to forgive us when we Obey the Command to Confess Our Sins!

Brother this is the Word of Encouragement the Lord gave me to share with You, the Sons& Daughters of the Kingdom as well as the all the Pastors around the World affiliated to the Barnabas Dispatch!

Not by sight but by faith Brother!

By Faith!

Please be Strengthened in the Faith and Our Brotherhood as Co-Workers of Christ!


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