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The Purpose Factory is an outreach ministry of Mission Del Caribe 501(c)(3) and it is an Exclusive Christian Crowdfunding website where Christians can DISCOVER their God Purpose | DEVELOP teams and tactics | GET FUNDED | and ultimately DEPLOY. The Purpose Factory is true peer to peer fundraising in support of a Christian cause anywhere in the world.

If you are familiar with other popular crowdfunding sites such as, Indiegogo, Crowdsource and others then you already know how effective crowdfunding can be. Because Mission Del Caribe 501(c)(3) EIN 721202161 is a U.S.A. based Non Profit Christian International Ministry serving since 1991, we have been positioned to serve the Christian community in the United States and globally in support of Christian causes.

If your Christian ministry, Christian church, Christian foundation, Christian missions group, Christian school, Christian college, Christian University or a group of Christian friends, or even if its’ just you wanting to do something in support of a Christian cause or Christian community then Purpose Factory was made for you. We go the extra mile to ensure that you have a place to honor Christ and to raise up support for a Christian cause.

Our rate to access and use our amazing crowdfunding and peer to peer site is only 5% of the gross amount of funds raised, +Stripe processing fees (2.9% plus .30 U.S. cents per transaction) That means that your Christian cause gets 92% of all funds donated. What’s really cool is that MDC501(c)(3) never has custody of your funds. In a unique partnership with STRIPE they process all donations on our behalf, and we issue tax deductible receipts instantly to all donors and then Stripe deposits 5% into our Stripe account, then they deduct their processing fees and deposit about 92% right into your Stripe account. That’s a seamless beautiful transaction. Because we are an international non profit ministry and missions organization the 5% platform access fees enable us to do even more missions, ministry work and to create even more amazing technologies in support of Christian missions and Christian ministry.

What are you waiting for? Click below to get your FREE MEMBER Account at the “PURPOSE FACTORY” and start a campaign today in support of your favorite Christian cause. On our Member Console all members have direct free access to all of the resources need to DISCOVER your God Purpose, to DEVELOP teams and tactics, to GET FUNDED and ultimately to DEPLOY into ministry or missions.

We help people live on purpose! So why not get your FREE MEMBER account today! If you are a native pastor, or a missionary who is connected to Mission Del Caribe you can get your FREE MEMBER account also. If you are live in one of the nations where STRIPE is authorized then you can hold a Stripe account allowing funds to be deposited into your account and you can receive donations virtually from any nation in the world. You can also hold campaigns in your local currency and have Stripe convert those funds to any currency you desire.


For native Pastors and Missionaries who cannot obtain a Stripe account, but are in a formal partnership with Mission Del Caribe 501(c)(3) then you can obtain your Free Member account and when you create fundraisers simply select that you are creating the fundraiser for “Our Organization” and those funds will deposit to the MDC501(c)(3) account. We will then send those funds to you once monthly via MoneyGram. If you are a native pastor or missionary living in one of the over 25 nations where Stripe is fully operational then you can apply for your own Stripe account to have your campaign donations deposited directly to your Stripe account.