President Trump spoke at the United Nations on 09/23/2019 regarding the call for religious freedom. He mentioned in his speech two things that our ministry has been addressing for decades.

  • The President shared that 11 Christians are murdered daily for their faith in Jesus Christ. 
  • He also showed that 80% of the earth’s population suffers religious discrimination. 

At Mission Del Caribe our goal is to connect people to the Great Commission. We work with sponsors and churches to facilitate support, sponsorship and authentic relationships. Our missionaries and natives pastors serve the most needy in the world’s hardest places.


In Pakistan, we sustain orphans and widows through SheepMaster Ministries. We are cooperating to build a children’s home to protect children from enslavement and sex trafficking. In Bangladesh, we work among Hindus and Muslims to receive Jesus as Lord. We have established “the house of prayer” where our preacher ministers to and feeds the poorest of the poor. In Uganda we moved in tandem with local leaders to train up leaders, to help establish a school that now has over 800 students. They also have a very effective sports ministry impacting thousands of young people for Christ. In the hardest places of North India where Hindus persecute and kill Christian pastors, we have taken part to train over 300 native pastors who have planted over 300 churches. 


We serve in many other nations such as Myanmar, Thailand, Kenya, Botswana, Nigeria and Latin American nations. Our passion is to serve persecuted Christians, rescuing people from literal slavery, feeding orphans and widows, developing native pastors and helping to raise up leaders who will remain faithful to the calling that God has placed on their lives. 


Through CrownLife Ministry we produce anointed resources in the form of written devotions, video teaching series, and our global podcast, “The Living Faithfully Podcast with Pastor Jedidiah.” On TV and radio we are touching hearts and changing lives all around the world. Our programs air in English and Spanish and on radio out of Honduras and Argentina weekly.

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The needs are so enormous and our ministries are fulfilling such a unique and decisive role. We direly need your help and sponsorship. I’ll be honest with you, it’s very hard for us to get the funds that are so desperately needed! 


Together we can rescue those in servitude, maintain orphans and widows and provide all the subsidy that our native pastors and our directors need to continue serving the persecuted and downtrodden — but we must support them now.


I am asking you to please give what you can right now. Our online giving platform is 100% secure and tax deductible receipts are immediately issued. We also send a comprehensive end of year summary giving report. We can accept donations in the form of checks, money orders, ACH, PayPal, Stripe, Google Pay and more:      2ND CORINTHIANS 9:10


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