Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Mission Del Caribe 501(c)(3) EIN 72-1202161 and all of it’s platforms and proprietary methods and processes and technologies are hereby made available for use exlusively in benefit of the Christian community and Christian causes at large worldwide in accordance with our terms of use both stated and clearly implied. (MDC501c3) is a registered 501c3 non-profit organization with it’s principal offices located in the USA. We will abide by all rules and best practices as set out by the IRS and other industry associations. For more specific information on MDC501c3, you can learn about us here.

All images and content on this website and any and all related websites or platforms are the express property of MDC501(c)(3) – unless otherwise noted. We welcome like-minded Christian organizations, Christian ministries, Christian churches, Christian foundations and Christian people to link to pages here, but we ask that you inform us in writing so we can be aware. Please note that all content and images are subject to change without notice.

We make every attempt to ensure all donation amounts, and prices for catalog items and information on the ministry activities of the MDC501(c)(3) family of ministries sites are posted accurately, but we acknowledge that from time to time mistakes can be made. Please contact us to confirm any information posted or to notify us of a mistake, broken link or an image that is not loading.

You can read more about our privacy policies here.

Donations are accepted with the understanding that Mission Del Caribe 501(c)(3) has complete discretion and control over the use of all donated funds. MDC501(c)(3) will attempt to honor donations preferences to support particular workers, fundraisers, sponsorship programs, campaigns and other targeted giving, but the final decision on the use of all funds rests with MDC501(c)(3). All donations are non-refundable.

What is the MDC Ministry Motto?

“We empower Christians to live out their dreams, visions and callings.”

What is MDC Membership?

Member status at MDC501(c)(3) grants our Members access to our ever evolving suite of fundraising and crowdfunding solutions – exclusively for Christian initiatives located anywhere in the world.

Who can become a MDC Member and how does it work?

MDC is constantly refining and improving our suite of solutions, which are exclusively designed to benefit Christian faith-based projects, ministries, foundations, churches, missionaries, native pastors and ministers of the Good News. We provide our fundraising platform solutions and donation processing and related services, in exclusive support of Christian faith based missionaries, pastors, ministers, churches, Christian focused initiatives, Christian ministries and projects. We help our Members become empowered Discover | Develop | Deploy, including providing system to raise the funds that they need to support themselves in Christian ministry, or to support the ministry programs, foundations, church plants and projects for which they set out to raise donations. As a highly respected Non Profit International Ministry Organization founded in 1991, Mission Del Caribe 501(c)(3) EIN 72-1202161 holds an impeccable ministry and missions history and a perfect track record of accountability, honesty and integrity in ministry. Membership is open to Christians from all nations where funds can be successfully transferred via PayPal or alternately wired via Moneygram. We rely upon both PayPal and Moneygram as our sending sources because they have proven themselves to us over the years and because they issue a pick up receipt to us creating, a perfect record of accountability. If your nation does not permit PayPal or Moneygram services then we would be unable to send funds to you.

What makes MDC Unique?

MDC is primarily an International Missions Ministry working globally in support of Christian missions, ministries, church plants, native pastors and missionaries in countries throughout the world. In support of our own ministry we have developed unique tools, capabilities and technologies that have enabled us to process donations securely and easily from over 190 nations in over 24 different currencies. In the year 2017 the leading came to create a crowdfunding website called PURPOSE FACTORY http://www.purposefactory.org  where we can take what works for us and share it with our new Members (friends) in support of Christian ministries and Christian causes globally. We help to enable a mini website presence to our Members within the MDC main website, including specially developed donation forms and pages that direct support to our members. Our main MDC website has a geo location based system that places an approximate geolocation maker that appears on our home page and enters member pages, fundraiser, child sponsorships and other special projects into our searchable databases. Such links are socially shareable on social media with potential ministry sponsors, supporters and team members. MDC provides a highly secure donation processing mechanism on our MDC site located here, https://missiondelcaribe.org/give  that is SSL protected encrypted with the highest levels of encryption. Member donation forms and fundraiser donation forms are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year (unless there is an unforeseen technical event beyond our control. This combination of pages, reports and forms tell the stories, dreams, visions, purposes and the heart behind each member’s efforts to raise funds in support of Christian initiatives globally. At the end of each month all donations on the made on the MDC site are accounted for and credited to each Member’s Accounts Payable Record and an Accounts Payable Report is issued. During the first week of each month MDC transfers net funds, after the deduction of processing fees and MDC Rate fees, to each Member who successfully raised funds and donations on our platforms. MDC issues tax deductible receipts to charitable donors at the completion of each successful donation, on behalf of our Members. Funds that are wired overseas are wired via Moneygram and the sending fees are deducted at the time of sending.

What makes Purpose Factory Unique?

Purpose Factory is all about walking out the three steps needed to DISCOVER | DEVELOP | DEPLOY into God’s Purpose, Calling, Dream, Vision or plan for each member’s life and at the same time it is an outreach ministry crowdfunding site exclusively for Christian based initiatives globally. At the Purpose Factor a person can use our materials to discover God’s purpose for their life and then Develop teams and funding needed to Deploy into God’s best plan. We are excited to see how God is blessing so many lives through Purpose Factory. We welcome you to come Explore, Discover, Develop and Deploy. We welcome you to come crowdfund with us to raise up support for any Christian initiative globally. On our Purpose Factory anyone can apply for Free Membership. We do review fundraisers so that what we approve is in keeping with our global mission to help, aide, resource, support, encourage Christian works of ministry. Christian churches, universities, foundations, missions, ministries, small groups, orphanages, missions trip organizers or participants are welcome to raise funds on our crowdfunding platform. We also welcome any Christian who wishes to “do a good work” and raise up funds in support of someone with a desperate need. At Purpose Factory our Members supply their PayPal account in their membership account and they can click a button to have the funds from their fundraiser, minus small platform fees and processing fees, transferred to their PayPal account. In case of native pastors serving in places where they may not have or cannot obtain a PayPal Account then we collect funds and disburse the funds once monthly by Moneygram, minus platform fees, processing fees and the deduction of Moneygram fees at the time of sending. Such native pastors can contact us at info@purposefactory.org to let us know if they need to go onto our Moneygram sending plan. Otherwise use the platform for Good Christian charitable works, raise support, share and then submit your request for your funds. We will issue tax deductible receipts for all donations and Donors will be advised how their contribution helped make a difference for our member’s fundraiser.

What is MDC Membership really all about?

Its really simple! Our President and leadership team have served as missionaries and pastors and it is our leading to take all of our best practices, experiences and dreams and marry them to emerging technologies to create an online platform where Christians can become Free Members and thus gain tools and resources to raise up support for their ideas, dreams, visions and callings. We see an experienced generation of Christian ministers empowering the existing and up and coming Christians, ministry leaders, pastors and ministers of the present and the future. We think generationally and we freely make available our MDC Membership and we encourage the use of our suite of tools and technologies so that our members can seek out and raise up the support that they need.

How does Membership at MDC work?

We created a space called PURPOSE FACTORY to help empower you to build your own projects, fundraisers and crowdfunding campaigns with an easy to follow process. Once you have developed your page with text, photos, and/or a video you will submit it for review and upon review we will either approve it, or reject it. We are very excited to approve the majority of submissions with the overriding criteria being that they support and honor the cause of Christ and that they aide Christian causes anywhere in the world.

Our main MDC site is a bit different than our Purpose Factory site. On our MDC site we work with our native pastors and missionaries to manually create a custom mini-site, a custom donation form that is inserted into each pastor’s, or missionary’s personalized page. Then we make it live and it can then be shared on social media, by email or in any other way that you can imagine.

Once your Christian based campaign or fundraiser is “Live” you can then share it with your friends, engage others to help your promote it, and begin to collect contributions. We will also come along side you to help promote projects and fundraisers through our social media channels and blog. We ask that you take the time upfront to get creative, and to get past any learning curves so that you can present your project in the best possible way.

If you are a Christian native pastor, or a Christian missionary you encouraged to use our Purpose Factory site to create and to raise support for your projects, foundations, schools, or other ministry operations and initiatives. If you would like to have a personalized mini-site and donation form on the main MDC site feel free to contact us at info@missiondelcaribe.org or alternately use any contact form on our site to get in touch with us to start building an amazing ministry relationship.

Why was MDC Membership created?

We started our ministry in support of native pastors and missionaries and teams who would go on mission trips internationally. After that we began to train up and deploy native pastors to plant churches in Latin America and then in various nations. The Lord took that model and grew it into a full fledged international ministry where we are now working in many nations in support of missionaries, native pastors, ministers and in support of orphans and widows and the needy. Along the 25 plus year journey we have learned so many things that we simply must share to help the current generation and future generations to enjoy great Kingdom successes. One of our main goals is to empower any Christian to take their callings, dreams or visions and to nurture them, with the support of prayer partners, sponsors and donors — into existence. We believe that a calling from God is too precious to waste! Membership at MDC helps you and empowers you to develop the resources required to spread the message of Christ throughout the world. Membership at the Purpose Factory empowers you to raise up support, resources and connections to walk out your calling and to help support your ministry work.

Why is MDC Membership limited to Christian faith based initiatives?

MDC and it’s related platforms and websites are expressly designed to provide a Christian faith based platform for Christians to raise funds for any Christian inspired project anywhere in the world. We are here to serve and to empower you to be the best you possible, for God and to help you walk out the dreams, visions and plans that He puts into your heart.

Who can become a MDC Member?

Anyone from any part of the world can become a free MDC Member gaining access to our suite of tools and platforms where they can attempt to raise up ministry support and to create fundraisers on the MDC platforms if the projects, fundraisers and support promotes, has a theme, or benefits the Christian community. For Free Membership at the PURPOSE FACTORY just go there and sign up for your free user account. To become a member on the MDC main website we ask that you be a native pastor or a missionary and that you contact us via our contact form or info@missiondelcaribe.org 

How is MDC and Purpose Factory Membership different from secular or religious crowdfunding sites?

MDC Membership and PURPOSE FACTORY memberships are FREE. We don’t charge you a Membership fee to join. Some crowdfunding sites charge a membership fee each month and typically crowdfunding sites will charge you a higher platform use % fee than we will because we want to see you succeed and launch into your purpose. We have designed a fair and affordable rate plan that is automatically deducted from the gross amount of all funds raised, so that you have no upfront cost. Free Memberships | No Upfront Cost | Raise nothing = Pay Nothing. Raise Funds and pay a fair rate to help support our ministry work, even as we are helping you.

How does MDC sustain its operations?

MDC operates off of a combination of donations made specifically to MDC, as well as deriving ministry income from a very low cost and fair MDC Rate Plan when members successfully raise support on any of our platforms. We one of the most favored crowdfunding solutions for Christians to support Christian causes and to retain most of the support that they raise up. You will find our current rates clearly defined in our Member’s account section after signing up at the Purpose Factory.

BASIC SERVICES AT THE PURPOSE FACTORY: (Free Membership for all Christians everywhere.)
-We provide you with a true Christian crowdfunding solution that meets and often exceeds what you will find in the secular marketplace.
-We provide you with a FREE MEMBER account.
-We review all listings prior to them going live and this ensures that your fundraisers are in good Christian company.
-We provide donation receipts to your donors for each donation given.
-We update your fundraiser totals and charts as donations are given.
-We enable you to “cash out” at anytime via a button in you Member Account page, if you have or establish a PayPal account and supply the email address for it.
-We work with our Christian leaders in other nations to help make use of our site available to them, by facilitating once monthly sending of funds via Moneygram.
-We provide social sharing tools for you.
-We created a system that allows you to see who donated and when and to have the information you need to thank them personally.
-We could go on forever as we are constantly adding new features, but we want you to just get busy raising support for your dream, vision, calling or Christian charitable cause.

BASIC SERVICES ON MDC MAIN SITE: (Membership at our main MDC site is generally limited to native pastors and missionaries.)

*Our Main MDC site is a very productive ministry support system, but it is not true crowdfunding system like our Purpose Factory site is. The process of adding listings and fundraisers at our main MDC site is more labor intensive for our team so we must therefore generally limit it to native pastors and missionaries only. Yet our Native Pastor and Missionaries can also create their own Free Member account at the Purpose Factory for crowdfunding campaigns. 

-Provide access for Member to set up a Member profile.
-Provide access or assist with the creation of the member’s first fundraiser.
-Create and insert a custom donation form for Members fundraisers.
-Receive donations on behalf of pastor or ministry from over 190 nations in over 24 currencies.
-Perform monthly accounting and accounts payable documentation.
-Issue Tax Deductible Receipts to each donor immediately at the time of donation via email.
-Send Payments one time monthly during the first week of each month to the benefactor minus the processing fees, sending fees and MDC Rate Plan cost.
-Assist to provide mentoring, guidance, and leadership as needed.
-Provide blog space for reports that will be reposted on social media accounts of MDC.
-Ongoing development of new technologies and partnerships to better enable our subscribers to raise up support and share ministry information.

ADD ON SERVICES (These add on services will be made available and would be paid for upon demand)
-Basoc graphic design services
-Access to specific partnering crowdfunding platforms
-Custom fundraisers -Etc .

*All funds raised on our MDC main site, or our outreach platforms such as the Purpose Factory, are subject to the deduction of a small platform fee and credit card processing fees. Any cost to wire funds overseas to our partners is deducted from the sending amount at the time of sending.

When are Member accounts calculated and when are funds sent out to the benefactor?

On our Purpose Factory site:

Funds can be requested at anytime if the member has created a user account with an active, working, PayPal account. The Member has only to click the button in their Member console to begin a payout request or transfer. For members who cannot open a PayPal account or cannot use a PayPal account in your nation we will plan to send funds raised once monthly during the first week of each month via Moneygram. All donations are paid out minus the small platform fee, the credit card processing fee. If the funds are wired by Moneygram then the amount of the sending fees are deducted at the time of sending.

On our main MDC site:

All member accounts on MDC’ s main site are calculated on the last day of each month accounting for all donations given over the course of the month. All donations are wired/transferred during the first week of the following month. In other words, we reconcile our books on a monthly basis, on the last day of each month and we then disburse the funds raised that month, minus fees – only one time each month – during the following week, being the first week of each month. We are working on a notification system for each donation form to notify our Members when a donation is made on their form, but we are still in the beta stage. In the meantime we can insert coding onto your page that will display a listing of donors, dates and amounts. You can go there anytime to see how your fundraising is going and to know who to thank!

What is my association with MDC in terms of our relationship?

Your association with MDC501(c)(3) and the Purpose Factory is in the form of a Membership. We consider your account to be a Member account, providing you access and the technical ability to raise up support in the form of charitable donations for the purpose of Christian ministry work globally. Due to ever increasing number of active and successful Members at MDC, we have chosen the word “Member” very intentionally. A Member is not direct Ministry Partner, nor are we your umbrella organization in terms of overseeing your work or ministry, or dictating terms to you. We do review and come to know for ourselves and our Board of Directors, staff and Leadership teams that the funds raised through our relationship as MDC and Members is used for the Christian purposes for which it was donated. We will be relational with you and your organization to ascertain the fundamental verifications, that funds indeed are being used for the purposes for which they were raised in general terms in support of Christian endeavors.

Why was Membership at MDC501(c)(3) created?

We started our MDC Membership Plan to enable any Christian, pastor or minister to take their passions, dreams, visions and callings, from simply being an idea, or concept, to them becoming a reality. We endeavored to envision and to create a Rate Plan that is fair to all, adds value to ministries and Christian initiatives, encourages fundraising and does not place any disadvantage upon those who are most successful at gaining sponsors and supporters, as well as those just starting out. In short we were inspired to design a system that promotes itself by adding absolute value to our Members, no matter how much they raise in project or support funds for Christian ministry projects, foundations or support initiatives. Its a win, win for all.


I APPLY IN FULL AGREEMENT: I agree to everything contained in this document and as a Member at MDC, the Purpose Factory or any other directly affiliated or owned ministry platform of MDC501(c)(3) I affirm that MDC has the right to change, amend or alter policies in the best interest of all parties and it’s own economic and ministry interest. By using my Member Account with MDC501(c)(3) and the Purpose Factory, I am hereby agreeing to be a participant in the MDC rate plans and policies in effect and as may be amended. I also hereby reserve my right and the right of my ministry to at anytime and for any reason discontinue my Member account at my election and choice. I agree in advance that MDC is authorized to deduct the monthly Plan Rate Fee from any amounts owed to me or my ministry. When I list my ministry I am also agreeing that my ministry is bound equally by this agreement and that I have all necessary authority to enter into this binding agreement. I and/or my ministries agree to MDC501(c)(3)’s terms including the deduction of the small platform rate fees, and the 2.9% donation processing fees, and any applicable Moneygram sending fees. I fully agree that all such deductions are applicable to proceeds that are given in support of myself in ministry, my ministry or my fundraisers hosted on the MDC501(c)(3) platforms including but not limited to th MDC main site, the Purpose Factory site any other future sites of MDC501(c)(3).  MDC501(c)(3) agrees to receive all such successfully executed ministry support donations for myself and or my ministries, or fundraisers and to issue charitable tax deductible receipts, via email to each donor who supplies a working email address. I agree and covenant with MDC501(c)(3) that I will speak well of MDC501(c)(3) as a ministry and with regard to all persons associated with the ministry. I will enter into a formal agreement with MDC501(c)(3) with regard to payment for its services in support of myself, and/or my ministries and fundraisers. Such agreement with regard to compensation to MDC501(c)(3) shall be a formal agreement put into affect when I and/or my ministry sign up for and are approved as a Member at MDC and/or the Purpose Factory. My agreement with MDC501(c)(3) is to have the platform fees, credit card processing fees, and any Moneygram wire fees deducted from my gross fundraiser totals, as stated or amended, in regard to MDC’s Rate Plans. All parties to this agreement covenant with each other and are legally bound to settle any issues that may arise, in good faith and by working with each other to come to a mutual agreement or understanding. Parties that are part of this Member Agreement reserve the right, after 60 days of attempting to settle any disputed matter, to submit such matter to binding arbitration before a neutral party — being The National Association of Christian Ministers. All parties shall abide to the best of their ability to this agreement and any binding arbitration suggested by The National Association of Christian Ministers. No party to this agreement shall seek any legal remedy in any secular court of law based on 1 Cor. 6:1-2 Settling Disagreements Between Believers: 1 Does any one of you, when he has a case against his neighbor, dare to go to law before the unrighteous and not before the saints? 2 Or do you not know that the saints will judge the world? If the world is judged by you, are you not competent to constitute the smallest law courts?
Mission Del Caribe 501(c)(3) | the Purpose Factory and its’ Board of Directors, Executives, Administrators and appointed staff reserve the absolute right and absolute control and final decisions over what content will be publicly displayed on the Mission Del Caribe 501(c)(3) website, located at www.missiondelcaribe.org, and www.purposefactory.org and any future ministry sites and/or social media accounts. We encourage our Approved Members, after joining, to log in and to create ministry reports, fundraiser updates, appeals for funding, ministry updates, teaching and preaching content and like materials to be displayed on the MDC501(c)(3) site, our social media and any other future sites, yet the final editorial decision rest with MDC501(c)(3) with regard to whether or not to display publicly the content after review and/or whether and how to amend the content. We encourage all members of our Purpose Factory site to begin to explore, discover, develop and prepare to deploy into their purpose. Create as many fundraisers as you want.
As an International Christian Missions Ministry we work in the world’s hardest places and at times there are safety considerations that we must factor into our decisions for the protection and safety of all of our Members. We are under, neither do we accept any obligation, to inform each Member an exact reason or reasons for which their content may have been editorially not approved for public display, or slightly altered. As the sole owner and manager of the Mission Del Caribe 501(c)(3) website, fundraising platform, related sites and social media accounts and ministry and related services, we reserve absolute and final discretion on what is and is not displayed publicly. It may be safely said that we are encouraging each Member to use their Member account and our services to glorify God in ways that seem most prudent and beneficial to their ministry or mission and for the most part we will have no issues with most good content and will gladly elect to display it publicly, we do however reserve our rights to not be forced or obligated in any way, shape, form or fashion to display any content that we deem for any reason to be not fit, not timely, not applicable, or not in keeping with generally acceptable foundations of Christ and Christian ministry and we reserve that right explicitly. This right of non public display may include our right to not have posted publicly on our website any teaching, or teaching series, that is in contradiction to the Bible and/or our broad general opinion with regard to mainstream Christian beliefs and practices.

Mission Del Caribe 501(c)(3) reserves the absolute right to alter, change, increase or decrease the rates of our Members Rate Plans and MDC compensation for the use of our services and platform. We will attempt make such changes known to you, if such major changes become necessary. On our MDC Rate Plan, we will automatically deduct the monthly cost from the amount of funds raised on a monthly basis. A ministry that increases, or decreases from one Tier Level to another, over the monthly period will be charged on a sliding scale, the corresponding proper rate plan cost.


MDC states clearly that technologies and the implmentation of emerging technologies can be challenging and it can lead to unintended consequences such as a temporary website issue, or some unforseen processing or fees wiring issue that may be out of our control to resolve instantly. There may be short, unintended down times on our servers, our websites or social media accounts as is normal with any web based endeavor. We state clearly that we are not and will not accept any liabilities or responsibilities for any such down times, but we will work feverously to restore any down time events to full online status. Cyber attacks are one area where we go to great lengths to protect against and we have rarely had issues, however you should know that most Christian websites are attacked in cyberspace all day, every day. We do our absolute best to use a proprietary blend of software and technologies to protect our online presences.


I hereby acknowledge that by applying for and being granted a FREE Member Account on the MDC501(c)(3) site if I am a native Pastor or a Missionary. Otherwise I am applying for and being approved for a FREE Membership account on the PURPOSE FACTORY.ORG site, or emerging sites owned by MDC501(c)(3) and as such I am automatically and fully agreeing to all of the terms, conditions and practices set forth in the full terms of agreement for Member Accounts at MDC501(c)(3), the Purpose Factory and other MDC501(c)(3) owned sites. In full agreement I submits my Free Member Account for Approval at the PURPOSE FACTORY site and for Consideration at the MDC site, as subject to the terms of the MDC rate plans, and as may be amended from time to time with regards to all funds raised through the MDC proprietary platform, websites, apps, and other emerging and developing technologies and systems which are created to empower me to arise and to live out my dreams, visions and callings for the glory of God and the benefit of mankind.