What We Do

MISSION DEL CARIBE 501(C)(3) EIN 721202161  https://missiondelcaribe.org

At Mission Del Caribe we partner with churches and sponsors to serve missionaries and native pastors and through them we help widows and orphans in their afflictions. This happens day in and day out in some of the world’s hardest places. Those who are our Field Partners are scattered around the globe and they are the hands and the feet of tons of ministry, missions, church planting and outreach work among the nations. We work to befriend, nurture, equip, mentor, and to help guide young pastors because we serve as “Pastoral Missionaries” to them. MDC creates listings on our MDC website to provide an online presence to missionaries and native pastors.

Mission Del Caribe 501(c)(3) EIN 72-1202161, a two decades U.S. based non profit with a Q33 – International Relief Coding

Organizations that work to relieve poverty in developing countries by providing funds, technical assistance and supplies which improve the health, education, welfare, social well-being and self-reliance of individuals and families. Also included are organizations that provide relief services in response to a major disaster or large-scale emergency that occurs abroad. Key words: Foreign Child Sponsorship; Foreign Orphanages; Humanitarian Aid; International Children’s Aid ; International Children’s Relief; International Disaster Assistance; International Disaster Relief; International Earthquake Relief; International Flood Relief; International Relief Agencies; Overseas Child Sponsorship; UNICEF Scope notes: Includes: Faith-based organizations only if they provide some type of physical, non-religious aid to a foreign population in need, regardless of other spiritual activities.


Mission Del Caribe is a U.S.A. based, decades old, non profit international missions ministry, which serves as an umbrella organization for our own outreach ministries, as well as a parent ministry for our Field Partners who are missionaries and native pastors. Over the past decades MDC has engaged in leadership development, disaster relief and rebuilding, youth international missions, missions medical clinics and preaching the Good News. Our work began in the Caribbean Basin and was centered in Latin America, specifically in the nation of Honduras. Since 2008, when Pastor Jedidiah ascended from Vice President, to the President of MDC, our ministry work has spread internationally from Latin America and the USA, into Asia, Africa and Europe.



Our Mission

To create communities where we help people who are called become chosen and then to live their life faithfully as led by the Word and the Holy Spirit. CrownLife Ministry is a unique ministry creating Christian communities, encouraging them and teaching them to remain faithful in all things. During 2016 the Lord gave Pastor Jedidiah a leading which are the roots of this amazing ministry. The Lord said, “In these times and the times to come Christians will need to be connected in their local communities.” It was an indication of the nature of the end times and how Christians would have to rely upon the Lord and His working through us to serve one another, to build communities of faith that are called, chosen and living faithfully.



Circa January 2011, in a time of fasting, consecration and prayers a still small voice clearly said, “From this day forward you shall be known as Pastor Jedidiah!” Throughout Biblical history God has changed the names of certain people according to His amazing plan for their lives. I was called at age 16 to become a disciple of Jesus Christ and then I answered God’s calling to become a self supported missionary to Latin America at age 18. After more than 30 years of living faithfully – I am now called through CrownLife Ministry to help others answer God’s calling on their life, to become chosen, to choose God back and to live faithfully in these last days! Bilingual, English/Spanish, Multicultural.

2 Samuel 12:24-25 (NOG)

24 Then David comforted his wife Bathsheba. He went to bed with her, and she later gave birth to a son. David named him Solomon. Yahweh loved the child 25 and sent a message through the prophet Nathan to name the baby Jedidiah [The Lord’s Beloved].


The Lord calls “Pastoral Missionaries” like Pastor Jedidiah to come alongside missionaries and native pastors in very unique ways. Find out more…